Book Marketing News – Volume I

Book Marketing News – Volume 1

Book Marketing News

Book Marketing News – Volume I

While searching the web for information the latest in publishing I ran across several articles that I think you might find of interest.

Okay, the honest truth is I am working on a book titled, The Lazy Bastard’s Guide to Success, and in keeping with the theme of the book I am taking a sick and tired day and letting others do the heavy work of writing today. Even so, i think you will enjoy the following articles.

I found these two articles on the Huffington Post by , author of ‘Naturally, Charlie.’

The Road to Publication – Part One: Writers and Book Sellers

The Road to Publication – Part Two: The Next Step


This next article by John Koetsier in an interview by Venture Beat Entrepreneur with author Guy Kawasaki about his new book:

Author, publisher, entrepreneur: Guy Kawasaki on apes, authors, and what it means to write books today


This final article by   puts a slightly different twist on the self-publishing author.

Commodity Publishing, Self-Publishing, and The Future of Fiction


Whew! I really think I must have overworked myself. Time for a little relaxation and then some exercise. I learned this workout technique from “fitness expert” Zig Ziglar. First, fill the bathtub with hot water, then soak until the water cools. Pull the plug, then fight the current. What a workout. Makes me tired just thinking about it. I think I’ll just go watch some Wheel of Fortune and nap in the recliner.
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